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Body Solid Workout

17 Jun

Play on body rock! I love body rock, but I don’t really like using sandbags, or  pull up bars.

 This is a two part work out. The first being a cardio based circuit meant to be completed as 45 seconds ON 15 seconds OFF. Run straight through 5 Times! ( atleast thats what I did)

Squat  jumps

Burpee with pushup

Lung Jump

Squat with Heavy Kettle Bell

Part Two is Weights + core

Circuit One: ( 12 x 3 times)

shoulder Press

bent over kick backs ( 12 each arm)

triceps extension

Circuit two:

Lunges with one leg on bench

Hamstring curl


Circuit 3:

Upward row

“turn and punch” hold weight straight out in front with both arms turn to the side and keep weight extended. Repeat.

Wood choppers


 2 min plank

1 min side plank ( each side)

1 min forward plank moving legs out and back in ( like they do in Body pump)

25 of the following: ( straight legged, crunches, dead bugs, leg raises,  kick, and bike!)

Done! Whew, felt good!