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Summer of Strawberry pickin’

17 Jun

 It’s the start of summer over here, and I couldn’t be happier. The last few days have been filled with ( cell pictures ) sorry!


Starbucks- I take a coffee with no milk on ice, and the boyfriend takes the BRIGHT PINK strawberries and cream with whipped topping. Wimp? 😉

There’s also been lots of time with friends!

I’ve had to drive TWO hours up to the state soccer turniment for three days in a row. But, because car rides are never boring with good friends I don’t really mind!

My hair went from this:

To this:

There’s also been some STRAWBERRY CUPCAKES. These cupcakes are really different from the traditional pink box mix. I used Elenas recipe from her book Gluten Free Cupcakes. They use coconut flour, no sugar, and no butter! It also calls for 4 eggs, to 6 cupcakes! I’m not the biggest frosting person so I Opted to leave these as is. Thinking they could be topped with jam, powdered sugar, or even in a bowl with ice cream if you want to be really crazy!

Also, might I mention I broke the car? We drove way out into the back roads so I could drive ( I’m to scared to get my license.. haha )

I got in the front seat.. and it wouldn’t move. We had to get a ride from a farmer!

 Lots of pool time too

This is not fair.. Why do sprinters get such good abs?

Mine vs. hers.