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Body Solid Workout

17 Jun

Play on body rock! I love body rock, but I don’t really like using sandbags, or  pull up bars.

 This is a two part work out. The first being a cardio based circuit meant to be completed as 45 seconds ON 15 seconds OFF. Run straight through 5 Times! ( atleast thats what I did)

Squat  jumps

Burpee with pushup

Lung Jump

Squat with Heavy Kettle Bell

Part Two is Weights + core

Circuit One: ( 12 x 3 times)

shoulder Press

bent over kick backs ( 12 each arm)

triceps extension

Circuit two:

Lunges with one leg on bench

Hamstring curl


Circuit 3:

Upward row

“turn and punch” hold weight straight out in front with both arms turn to the side and keep weight extended. Repeat.

Wood choppers


 2 min plank

1 min side plank ( each side)

1 min forward plank moving legs out and back in ( like they do in Body pump)

25 of the following: ( straight legged, crunches, dead bugs, leg raises,  kick, and bike!)

Done! Whew, felt good!


The devils workout

14 Jun

 I’ve dabbled in cross fit and kettle bell training. I’ve gone through periods of being obsessed with both, but due to my love of long runs and heavy lifting I don’t do it exclusively.


Kettlebell and kettle ball training use the entire body for virtually every movement pattern, enhancing strength, balance, and hand-eye coordination. Kettlebells and kettleballs also strengthen the body’s seat of power, the hips, and with a well-developed hip drive, athletes can improve any skill that requires power, such as running or jumping. Besides developing strength and power, kettlebells also add intensity to cardio workouts.

The following is a workout I usually do twice a week. Once by it’s self, and the other time following a 4-5 mile run. The point of this workout is to NEVER set the kettle bell down. There is Four circuits.  Each circuit has 2 exercises, meant to be preformed for alternating 30 second intervals.

Warm up: ( preform 3x through, no rest )

50 Kettle bell swings

50 alternating kettle bell swings ( single arm, switch hands at highest point)

25 single arm kettle bell swings

50 kettle bell squats ( hold by the horns )

Circuit One: (30 seconds per exercise, 4 times through, no rest. Because you need to do EACH arm 4x that means you actually go through 8 times)

Kettle- bell shoulder press (single arm, switch every set)

Kettle-bell wood choppers 

Rest: Kettle-bell swings easy 30 seconds

Circuit Two: (4 times through entire circuit, 30 seconds per exercise )

Forward lunge + shoulder press ( left leg forward, right arm press into deepest part of lunge)

back ward lunge + shoulder press

Forward Lunge + shoulder press ( right leg forward, left arm press)

Back ward lunge + shoulder press

Rest: Kettle-bell swings easy 30 seconds

Circuit Three: (4x through, no rest, 30 secs each )

Kettle bell push up + side plank on bell. ( One hand on kettle-bell one on floor, do a push up, then go straight into a side plank while hand is still on the bell)

Kettle bell row

Kettlebell push up + side plank ( other arm)

Kettle bell row ( other arm)

Circuit four: ( 4x through, each 30 seconds, no rest)

Brazilian Crunch ( hand still on bell, bring opposite leg to bell and extend back)

Kettle-bell squat thrust

Kettle bell 200:

10 around the worlds each way

10 twist and punch on each side
20 wood choppers

20 of the following: ( with bell)

straight leg crunch with bell

russian twist

suitcase crunch

frog crunch

dead bug